Today Namine had her first experience with water therapy at the YMCA. It wasn’t Namine’s first time in a pool (although it is the first time without a trach), and overall, we think she did well.

Of course, before you can get into the pool, you need to shower. We’re not sure why, but Namine is terrified of showers. And by extension, bathrooms themselves. We suspect it has something to do with the water park incident. Namine is okay with baths, but she freaks out as soon as you pour something over her head. Consequently, Jessica made the shower as quick as possible.

The therapy session itself went well. First they had Namine splashing her arms, then her legs (asynchronously as well as together, something that, early on, we were assured that she wouldn’t be able to do with her caudal regression). They also worked on her trunk, expanding her ribs in particular.

Because of Namine’s time being trached, her lungs are weaker and need to build up their strength. Also, when she was a tiny little thing, she had a diaphragm plication to help balance her breathing. (At the time, we were told that she would probably just outgrow it, but I don’t know if her diaphragm is still plicated or not.) Because of all this, Namine needs to strengthen her lungs and her lung capacity. Exercise and therapy will – and are – helping.

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  1. Excellent! Perhaps you can get special permission under the ‘our child comes to the pool clean’ clause to not have to shower her before?

    Is a therapist guiding her exercise?

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