Namine woke up at about 1:45 in the morning screaming. I don’t mean crying. We’ve heard crying. This was screaming – full of pain and agony, relentless and brutal. I had gone to bed just ten minutes prior, so I was already awake – although I have no doubt that would have gotten out of bed just as quick, had I been asleep.

I took Namine out into the living room, throwing the lights on. Jess and I got her braces off quickly, and she calmed down. “What hurts?” We asked, and she pointed to the toes on her right foot. It was plain to see: her toes had curled under her foot, despite the firm brace which was supposed to prevent that from happening. Apparently, the will of her flesh is stronger than expected.

Jess and I have seen lately that Namine’s right foot has been curling, but it was our hope that now with the AFOs it would be able to be remedied. We’re going to have to bring Namine in to see the orthotics clinic again, and see if the brace itself can be adjusted.

We put Namine back to bed, sans AFOs and with a little Motrin. She took it willingly; there’s no doubt in my mind that she knew what it was for, and that it would help. It did; she slept through the rest of the night, pulling her blanket up and caressing her cheek with it, as she does in her sleep.


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