• Chyral Forrest
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    That is such an awesome way of putting things into perspective.

  • Jon Eiche
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    There are people who look around and don’t find evidence of God anywhere; even I have too many days when my professed belief fails to translate into the way I live. But you look around and see God *everywhere*. Your faith inspires me and makes me ponder.

    You’ve told me how thankful you are that God made us with our trachea in front of our esophagus, so that tracheostomies are possible.

    One of my favorites among the “ponderables” you’ve told me is this: In heaven we’ll be perfect, with no more pain or sickness or infirmity. But Namine has these beautifully shaped eyes, and their shape is a result of her Pierre Robin Sequence. Will she have those beautiful eyes in heaven? My only guess is that “God will keep the good stuff.”

    Right now I feel like Abraham, who was blessed through his offspring. You and Jess and Namine are surely blessings to many.

    –“Grandpa Eiche”

  • CindyB
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    Amen…so beautifully written. Happy New Year Paul, Jess & Namine!

  • Stacey Timms Nordmeyer
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    Once again…. I’m speechless. God bless you and yours in 2011!

  • Michele Eiche
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    Beautifully written. I love you all.

  • Barbara
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    I believe the same as you, Paul.

    (Love your gratefulness for the trachea being in front of the esophagus!)

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