·  Normal is a dryer setting.


I hope she won’t need the casts again. I know she is afraid of that. Is there something like the CSP for feet?

i posted a pic of me in my casts on jessicas wall =]]

darn thing posted before i was done typing!! anyways as i was saying…im so hoping for the best for namine <3

@Paul-3 times an HOUR?? I thpought 3 times a day!

Trying to answer Michele’s question but I would have asked about CPM or a continuous passive motion machine. I think I heard of a CPM-machine for children born with club foot (not saying that applies to Namine – only you can tell us). If this is totally unfamiliar to you – I am not suggesting it; just making you aware.

Praying for successful PROM/stretching for preventing the need for more casting.

I can’t help but comment on Michele’s avatar – oops! Almost committed a movie spoiler! We are an HP-loving family! Have seen the latest movie 4x. Can’t wait to see it again.

Back to Namine – is there any talk of her being able to stand or bear-weight on her feet?

@Mom: yes, Dr. Thometz said 30-40 times a day.

@Barbara: yes and no, about standing and stuff. I’ll explain later.

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