This is one of those times where I think a little clarification is in order. With so many terms and abbreviations, even we get confused sometimes.

I had previously said that Namine will be getting AFOs, which stand for ankle foot orthotics. That was correct. (Although, when I searched for the term “afo” on Google, the first result was for Anime Festival Orlando. I wish that were the case!)

I had been calling what Namine has right now KFOs (which are not, in fact, Kentucky fried octopus, but thanks Google), but that is actually incorrect. First off, the term is KAFO (knee ankle foot orthotic), not KFO. Secondly, calling it a KAFO implies a hinge assembly, which Namine does not have. Really, all Namine has is are custom-made braces, which we strap to her legs. I could have sworn I heard the nurse call them KFOs, but I’ve been wrong before. Besides, I’m not too proud to learn.

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