·  Normal is a dryer setting.


  • Barbara
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    Well said, Paul!

  • Leah, Mike & Alyssa
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    Well Paul, I just for one have to say what wonderful parents you & Jess are. Not everyone would have done what you two have done for Namine. Some people/parents would have looked & gave up.
    The way I would look at the special day is it’s a day for people to be aware . . . aware of differences, whatever that may be. Special Needs come in all different forms – some noticeable & some not as much.

  • Angie
    at · Reply

    Great post! You bring up some really valid points here and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Must also say that Namine is SO precious!

  • Cr Eiche
    at · Reply

    I think you’re missing the point of any special day, week, or month.

    • Paul

      Maybe. But as I understand it, we’re not talking about an awareness day. It’s just a day to notice the parents of special needs children. As if we need some kind of compensation for being saddled down with them, or something.

  • Cr Eiche
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    We’ll talk about this more when I can give you a hug at the same time :) Resistance is futile … this is what aunts do.

  • Denie Sidney
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    I am the mother of a daughter with special needs and I agree with you 1000%.Give me my accolades on Mother’s Day with everyone else.

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