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Leah, Mike & Alyssa · December 6, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Well Paul, I just for one have to say what wonderful parents you & Jess are. Not everyone would have done what you two have done for Namine. Some people/parents would have looked & gave up.
The way I would look at the special day is it’s a day for people to be aware . . . aware of differences, whatever that may be. Special Needs come in all different forms – some noticeable & some not as much.

Great post! You bring up some really valid points here and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Must also say that Namine is SO precious!

I think you’re missing the point of any special day, week, or month.

Maybe. But as I understand it, we’re not talking about an awareness day. It’s just a day to notice the parents of special needs children. As if we need some kind of compensation for being saddled down with them, or something.

We’ll talk about this more when I can give you a hug at the same time :) Resistance is futile … this is what aunts do.

I am the mother of a daughter with special needs and I agree with you 1000%.Give me my accolades on Mother’s Day with everyone else.

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