Well, maybe not so much drama with her pajamas per se, but with bedtime in general. And you wonder, what happened to my well-behaved little girl? Is she in extra pain? Is she not feeling well? And then it dawns on you – oh yeah. She’s two.

A friend of mine insists that these are the “trying twos,” and that we should be prepared for the “terrible threes,” as well. (As far as alliteration goes, it should probably be “threatening threes,” or something, actually.) But all things considered, I still maintain that Namine is a well-behaved girl. She only got a ten minute nap today, and she’s used to at least an hour. Usually she gets a two or three hour nap, so yes, she was a little cranky from sleep deprivation.

But for a tired little girl, you’d think she wouldn’t scoot around the apartment so much. Yeah, right. I’m sure her arms are so strong now, from pulling herself and her casts, that she’ll take herself by surprise once they come off. Her casts, I mean. Not her arms.

Jessica and I have observed an interesting behavioral development in Namine. She likes to climb. Oh, she can’t climb much, being limited as she is. But anything she can get on top of, she will – cookbooks (even the thick ones), the Bible, the hymnal, the really thick devotional book, her laptop, and even shoes that happen to be lying on the floor. She likes to get herself into her highchair when we set it on the floor, and when we tip her car seat forward, she can climb in and out of that as well. Leg pain or not, casts or not, she seems to be determined to let nothing stand (or sit, ha ha) in her way. She is as independent-minded as any two year old could be.

And speaking of her casts, that’s today, technically. (You know, because it’s morning. I really should go to bed.) I hereby christen today “Cast-Off Day.”

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