Appointments today

Namine had to get blood drawn and then pay a visit to the endocrine clinic today. I think it’s safe to say that she knows the hospital, and she thinks that it usually means pain. (I wonder where she got that idea.) I suspect she’ll sleep well at nap time.

We had to get Namine up early this morning, which probably contributes somewhat to her being crabby, but I still think most of it was the hospital visit. She started getting pretty agitated when we pulled up to the hospital. We originally had the endocrine appointment scheduled before the blood draw, but we decided to switch them and get the painful one out of the way.

The topic of the day is weight gain – or rather, Namine’s lack of it. Namine has been plateaued at her current weight (17 pounds, give or take a pound) for the past year or so. Namine only started really eating since July after having her jaw distraction and cleft palate repair, but even with the g-tube feeds (which she doesn’t get anymore) she didn’t gain any weight. For a while, GI had us giving her g-tube feeds and feeding her regular food, but that was just too much, and it made her throw up.

I’ve talked at length about how frustrated we’ve been with GI, but they have since seen reason and have agreed to remove the g-tube, as it is no longer needed. But the problem remains: why can’t Namine seem to gain weight? That’s why we went to see the endocrinologist – to see if perhaps there was some hormonal imbalance. But as far as she was able to tell, Namine is doing just fine. We’ll have to see if genetics has anything to add.

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