·  Normal is a dryer setting.


  • Barbara
    at · Reply

    Well said, Paul.

    In the common ‘special’ vernacular, the word ‘barriers’ is used to mean how you first heard the word ‘boundaries’. Meh. You understand well.

  • Cr Eiche
    at · Reply

    Namine is such a good kid, you don’t have to set many limits on her behavior. And when you say NO, she doesn’t pitch a fit … at least not that I’ve seen.

    What is most wonderful, is that you, Jessica, and Namine take what the docs predict as just their opinion–not fact–and often blow right past those barriers. :)

  • Paul
    at · Reply

    Well, she IS two. She does throw a pretty good tantrum. But I’ve only seen her throw a tantrum when she’s either really hungry or really tired. She’s still a really well-behaved child.

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