With a title like that, you just know it was a fun time. Jessica had two reasons to call ortho this morning: to schedule Namine to be seen later this week, and to set up a weekly recasting schedule. Both of those things, however, share a single disadvantage. They require talking to a real live person.

When Jessica called ortho this morning, she was greeted with a thing not uncommon: the answering machine. The likelihood of reaching a human is very low. Anyway, the machine informed Jessica that she didn’t want to talk to anyone in the ortho clinic about scheduling; instead, she should call the Children’s Hospital general appointment scheduling line.

Jessica hung up and dialed that number instead. This time Jessica did reach a human; this helpful individual told her that she couldn’t set up ortho appointments through the general appointment line, however. She should call the ortho clinic directly if she wished to make an appointment.

So Jessica called the ortho clinic again. Surprise, she got the helpful machine again. Ignoring its advice, she left a message. About an hour or so later, someone from the ortho clinic called to tell her that they could not talk right now; someone else would call later and assist her in setting up appointments.

Someone from ortho eventually called Jessica back, and helped her set up an appointment on Friday for Namine’s casts to be checked. When Jessica inquired about setting up a weekly appointment every Monday or Tuesday for recasting, the person said that they should just take care of one thing at a time. No, Jessica insisted, the weekly appointment should get set up now, so that Namine doesn’t get forgotten about again. The person would not budge, and would not set up a weekly appointment. Their office is closed now, so perhaps we’ll try again tomorrow.

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