·  Normal is a dryer setting.


  • Brenda (mamabegood)
    at · Reply

    There’s a special place in heaven for parents who do what’s right for their children EVEN when it kills them. ((hugs)) You’re doing a great job.

  • Stacey Timms Nordmeyer
    at · Reply

    Paul… we continue to pray for you and Jessica and Namine. The love you both have for your Namine is so evident!

  • Cr Eiche
    at · Reply

    It’s outrageous that they didn’t give her some goofy juice for the pain prior to recasting. I’m sure she doesn’t perceive you as the person who is inflicting pain.

  • Michele Eiche
    at · Reply

    they should have at least given her some oral pain meds. I am so angry at that clinic. They are such idiots. Do they have her on the schedule for next week now?????

  • Jennifer Schultz
    at · Reply

    Paul, you and Jess are going to be in all of the good circles in Heaven… I have no doubt!!! I find myself nodding at all of your posts. Hence, I think I must agree with you on most subjects! Please keep us updated. We are getting spoiled with the daily updates!!! You are putting the rest of us to shame :-)

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