This is Namine’s grandma, Michele Eiche. We got to spend the afternoon at my house because I wanted to get a little work done around my house! It didn’t happen! Namine is just too much fun to be with to waste time with laundry & dishes (they mostly got done tonight).

Namine played with her toys and we played tea party with her stuffed animals. The we had reral lunch. Pasta, of course! We read every book in “her” room (yes she has a room at our house!). Actually we read every book at least twice. We played in the grass and listened to all grandma’s wind chimes outside. She likes the tinkly ones in the front best.

Then we went back inside and I turned some music on and she fell asleep in my arms. It was at this point I thought about putting her in the crib and decided that all this cuddling was way better than housework! So she slept in my arms, Mischief, my cat, slept at my feet, soft music played and I read. A perfect end to the afternoon!

I love my granddaughter!


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