I don’t think I can get any more straightforward than that. Most of you reading this have probably been following Namine’s progress pretty closely; I try to keep the blog updated regularly, even with as crazy busy as we are. But for anybody not in the know, Namine has had a tracheostomy tube for two years. She was a mere two months old when they put the trach in because she couldn’t breathe on her own. Her airway was too small and couldn’t handle it; she had a cleft palate, and her jaw was not developed enough.

Now Namine has had a jaw distraction, lengthening her jaw enough to allow her airway for, you’ll pardon the pun, more room to breathe. She has had her cleft palate repaired by the skilled Dr. Denny, whose praises I have lauded here before. She has had a bronchoscopy and sleep study to determine if she is indeed fit for trach removal (the answer is a firm and resounding yes). She is ready. And tomorrow is the day.

We’ll check in at Children’s Hospital at 10 in the morning. They’ll hook Namine up to leads and monitors and take out the trach. As far as I understand, it’s just that simple. Of course, we’ll see for sure tomorrow.

I tried to select some pictures that, as a cross-section of sorts, helps to show how much Namine has grown over the past two years. Of course, “a few” blossomed into “thirty.” That’s okay. I don’t mind showing you how beautiful Namine is. Enjoy.


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