Cross your fingers that this doesn’t get worse, or better yet, that it passes completely in less than 5 days. Because that’s how long Namine has until her decannulation appointment, and she has a fever. It’s not terribly bad, but it’s still worrisome. She’s still in high spirits, but that’s about par for her. Half the time, when she’s sick you wouldn’t even know it because she’s always so cheerful and active. Of course, it could just be her teeth, which have been bothering her for some time now.

I want to give a shout out to Derek for organizing the tribute concert to Namine. It was a great evening; great music, great entertainment. It also helped us out quite a bit. So thanks again, Derek.

Not much else to say tonight. I’m nearly sick with worry about decannulation – I know, I know, “let go and let God,” and a million other smarmy catch phrases to indicate that I worry too much. I already know that. Can’t help it. But you try and deal with something like this. Losing the trach is just as big, to us, as another surgery.

In case you’re wondering, the picture is of her eating a breadstick at the mall. Namine prefers Sbarro’s over Rocky Rococo.


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