I had already uploaded all of the original pictures from when we took Namine to get her birthday pictures taken. Jessica asked me to upload all of the pictures that had effects done to them, such as sepia tones, black and white, et cetera. I’ve uploaded the 5×7 so far. I’ll try to get to the rest of them tonight.

We got a call from Namine’s pulmonologist yesterday, and we have a little more clarification on the final step to decannulation. The stay in the hospital is scheduled to be for 3 nights, though depending on how she’s doing, they may send her home after the first night. They’ll watch her closely and put a trach back in if they believe she’s having too difficult a time.

So pray that she does well, and when she comes home, she’s wearing a Band-Aid on her neck. Now we just need to get her over this cough.


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