Namine seems to be getting a little better, now that she’s on the Tobi nebulizer and a steroid to help keep her wheezing down. She’s only coughed once since I put her to bed, and she didn’t even need much suctioning. Between finishing the breather and putting her to bed, though, she coughed up quite a bit of mucus. Yum. Her appetite doesn’t seem to be quite there yet, although she did prove her love of ketchup.

We had brats, pears, and some noodle concoction for dinner (I defer to Jessica for an explanation of its contents. All I know is it was noodles and veggies), and Namine wasn’t too thrilled with any of it. She ate some brat, a little more pear, and almost none of the noodle veggie thing. She did, however, seem intrigued by the fact that I was not eating my brat plain, like we gave her. I was dipping my brat in ketchup. She asked me several times for the ketchup bottle, which is one of those ginormous economy size bottles that would feed a small country. But I remember the last time we gave her ketchup. She threw it up.

Well, because I’m a pushover and I can’t seem to say no to my little girl, I did give her a bite of brat dipped in little glob of ketchup. She seemed to like it, so I squirted some on her tray, and gave her some more pieces of brat. She enjoyed that for a while, but soon tired of the meat. She moved on to dipping her bread in the ketchup, but then discovered that she could just suck the ketchup off the bread. I put a stop to that quickly. (One of the hardest things about being a parent, in my opinion, is when your kid does something hilarious but you can’t laugh.) So I gave her a small already-open bag of baked potato chips, which I know she loves. She started dipping those in the ketchup; she seemed to like that too.

At this point, I had to go back into the kitchen for something. When I came back, Namine had foregone all semblance of eating food. She was just running her fingers through the ketchup and licking it off. Alright, kiddo. I think we’re done eating. Whaddaya say? She nodded and said “uh huh.” Yeah.


  1. That’s wonderful to hear about Namine getting better. Yes, it is hard as a parent not to laugh at some of the stuff they say/do. Maybe you & Mike should join a parening group for fathers, you two have so much in common! lol

  2. A little ketchup is wonderful if it gets her to eat more, and doesn’t make her throw up anymore. She might like the taste, or the spicy feeling on her tongue … who knows. i like the taste, but hate the smell (Halloween PTSD).

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