Jess, Namine and I went to see Marmaduke at the budget theater yesterday evening. Of course we’d never taken Namine to a movie theater before; we didn’t know how she’d do. But we figured, hey, it’s just $2 per person and Namine herself was free, so why not give it a try?

Well, Namine loved it. It helps, of course, that Namine loves animals and we saw a movie about a talking dog. She needed to be suctioned once before the movie, but not again until after we got home again. For the most part, she ate her puffcorns and drank her water in silence, enraptured by the movie. When it started getting on to 9:00, she started to fidget a bit, but just because she was getting tired. But all in all, she behaved herself very well and we all had a great time.

We went up to Bay Shore Mall the other day (Sunday, I think) to have Namine’s birthday pictures taken. There was a place up there called Kiddie Kandids that did her Christmas pictures, and we really liked how they turned out. But when we got up there, we discovered that they closed back in January, maybe February. So we made the most of the trip and went to eat at a Mongolian restaurant. I think Namine ate more than the rest of us.

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