May 2010

  • Vacation

    We made it to my aunt’s house around 4 this afternoon. When I took Namine out of the car, hoo boy was she sweaty. Thank goodness the weather is nice, though. Yesterday Namine had her pre-op clinic visit, necessary prior to surgery next week. Everything is looking good, and she’s approved for the repair. So,…

  • Namine: 2, Allergies: 1

    Today Namine had an appointment at Children’s Hospital with the allergy people. (I don’t really know what the department is really called. I doubt they call themselves “allergy people.”) Last time, we found out that she was allergic to cheese (but we’ve stayed away from all dairy, just to be safe) and rice. Today, they…

  • In the ER again

    So we’re in the ER once more. Namine has pretty bad secretions and cough again, but the main reason we’re here is a little more delicate. I hope she won’t need to be admitted, but we’ll see, I suppose. We’re still waiting for them to actually do something.

  • Values and priorities

    Because we are responsible parents, we feel obliged to teach Namine the most important things in life early on.

  • Clothing optional

    So I’m sitting here with Namine eating dinner, and I look up, and she’s taken her shirt half off. I have no clue how she did it. So I put her shirt back on, and when I went into the kitchen to get Jessica a glass of water, by the time I got back, she…