I’ve been up all night, trying to make sure Namine doesn’t pull out her distractors. Even through the haze of drugs and wooziness of a tiring day, she still makes plain her dislike of artificial attachments.

She has a fever of 102.something. I don’t know right now what they can do. Once rounds start this morning, maybe they’ll decide on a slightly different drug cocktail so she can be a little more peaceful. She’s not truly awake, but she’s still kinda thrashing her head from side to side every once in a while.

Jessica may be right; this may be harder than even the heart surgery. At least then we had a better understanding of what to expect. The sight of the distractors on her face don’t weird me out or anything, but I’m afraid of them coming off, falling off, or doing some bloody jaw damage.

We have been sleeping in shifts, if you can call it sleeping. Ug. Wop. Goog.

I can has sleeps now?