December 2009

  • A prayer request

    Jessica told me that doctors found something wrong with the son of our home nurse. His name is Phil, and I’d like to ask everyone to keep him in your prayers. Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas.

  • Health update

    In case you were wondering, Namine hates shots. The other day, she got her Synagis shot (for RSV) – and at least one other, I’m pretty sure – but there was too much to give in one go. So even though the dosage was for a single shot, they gave her one in each leg. […]

  • Distracting Namine

    Namine had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week. We took her in to see Dr. Denny, her plastic surgeon, who looked at her jaw and distractors; he said she’s doing better than he expected. (We get that a lot.) He told us to keep on with the distracting process through Sunday, then to bring her […]

  • Going home today

    Hey everybody, we’re finally going home! Namine is doing a lot better this morning, and the special needs doctor has given the okay for us to leave. Namine still has a lot of secretions this morning, but the raspy sandpaper noise she was making is gone. She’s also feeling better all around. The “stranger danger” […]

  • Not home yet

    We had planned on Namine coming home yesterday, but that didn’t happen because she’s had more secretions than usual. We then hoped that Namine would come home today, but now that’s not happening, either. Namine has a potential trach and lung infection. She also has a possible C-diff infection. This is a severe bacterial infection […]

  • Today

    Namine has had quite a busy day.  She was sitting and playing and visiting with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa and watching it snow.  Namine also has hit the stage of stranger danger.  It has not been fun all day.  Everyone that has come into the room that was not family she cried and clung to […]

  • Contentedness and misery

    I am home now. The plan is to get some sleep – actual sleep in my own comfy expensive bed – before going back to the hospital tomorrow morning, then going to work. But first, an update! Because much has transpired in a single day, and it feels like we’ve been there a week. We […]

  • Testing a plugin

    Just trying out a new plugin that should remove the need for me to import posts with an external tool into Facebook.

  • What time is it?

    I’ve been up all night, trying to make sure Namine doesn’t pull out her distractors. Even through the haze of drugs and wooziness of a tiring day, she still makes plain her dislike of artificial attachments. She has a fever of 102.something. I don’t know right now what they can do. Once rounds start this […]

  • Jaw distraction complete

    Namine’s jaw distraction surgery is done and she’s doing well!

  • Surgocalypse Now

    After a hard morning, Namine is in surgery now. Waiting and not knowing is always hard.