October 2009

  • Trying something else

    Just another test. If it works, this should show up in Facebook right away, instead of having to wait for FB to pick up the RSS.

  • Wordbook fail

    It would help if I configured the thing correctly. Just another test.

  • Cross-posting

    I am attempting to cross-post to the website and Facebook at the same time. Instead of importing this site’s RSS feed, I’m using a plugin called Wordbook to post directly to FB. We’ll see how this works.

  • Stupid doctors

    So Jessica’s doctor had already concluded – prior to her biopsy today – that her gall bladder needed to be removed. But, what the heck, we’ll subject her to anesthesia and the general fun crap of another doctor’s visit. One, I might add, that took a good few hours longer than originally anticipated. Anyhoo, Jessica had…

  • RSS? More like RS-Mess

    I’m trying to figure out the best possible combination of feed aggregation, and with all the possible options, it can get messy. I’m on Twitter and Facebook and not much else. I joined FF not too long ago as a way to combine all possible sources of personal stuff, since at the time I was…

  • Friends of the Family

    Hello everyone! One of my dear friends from college is pregnant and she is only 30 weeks along and she is having the baby if not today than soon. We need our warriors to storm heaven for her and her unborn baby. Please pass the word along so that there are many mouths praying for…