Visiting the plastic surgeon

Today Jessica took Namine to see Dr. Denny, the plastic surgeon. After the results of the sleep study, CT scan, and bronchoscopy, he said that she’s a good candidate for having a jaw distraction. We know she’s doing well, but it’s still reassuring to hear a doctor say it. Namine will be scheduled for the […]

Sunday school and volleyball

It’s been a full day. Kinda hard to believe that it’s already 4 in the pm, actually. The day flew by! This morning was the first Jesus Cares meeting of the season (school year? whatever). We were late, but that’s okay. Considering all the equipment we have, I’d say we’re a little entitled. ;) Of […]


Today, kids, Namine had her bronchoscopy. According to Wikipedia (since everything on the Internet must be true), a bronchoscopy is “a technique of visualizing the inside of the airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.” Sounds good to me. The purpose of this, as it relates to The Feisty One, was to determine if she needs […]

Tests, naps, and road trips, oh my

Welcome to our new virtual home on the interwebs, Since is the┬ánew family website, this’ll be home to more than just Namine’s blog, but not to worry! Just click on Namine’s name under the categories there on the right. Or just go to and you’re all set. I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday […]