Well, kids, I did it. I finished uploading all of Namine’s photos that we had hosted on Picasa. I suppose I better take down that Picasa logo over on the sidebar. They’re still there, of course. I’m not about to delete them, but from now on when I upload photos they’re coming straight here.

If anybody else is on self-hosted WordPress, boy do I recommend NextGEN Gallery.

One nice feature is that you can assign tags to photos. If any of those photos’ tags correspond with a post’s tags, the photos will automatically show up at the bottom of the post. Niiiiiiice. I’m gonna see if I can shuffle the design around a bit, maybe get the photos to appear at the top.

If you’re reading this from a feed (as is imported into Facebook), I don’t think you’ll see the photos. They don’t appear to be published into the RSS; more like the plugin sticks ’em in on page load.

I’ve only tagged 50 photos so far. I think I have a lot of tagging to do!

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