Welcome to our new virtual home on the interwebs, eichefam.net. Since is the new family website, this’ll be home to more than just Namine’s blog, but not to worry! Just click on Namine’s name under the categories there on the right. Or just go to eichefam.net/namine and you’re all set.

I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday weekend. We just got back (oh, just a couple hours ago) from my aunt’s house, a few hours north. Namine had a blast. On the trip back home, Jessica drove, so I sat in back with The World’s Most Stubborn Child. It was plain to see that she was tired, but oh, the sights! And she would. Not. Sleep. But soon after cares and putting her to bed, she dropped right off.

Tomorrow Namine has a CT scan (which, I understand, is the same as a CAT scan?) to further determine when and how she’ll have her jaw distraction. Later tomorrow, someone’s coming by the apartment to – get ready for it – take away the vent. CANNOT WAIT.

A lot is happening for Namine, and soon, so we’ll try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Later!

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