September 2009

  • Twitter Fiery Spiral of Doom!

    Okay, that didn’t exactly work as expected. That’s okay, I didn’t really know what would happen.

  • Namine is in the PICU

    I know lots of people are waiting with bated breath on how Namine is doing, and I can’t type any faster. Jessica and I were going to see how Namine did today, and perhaps take her in this evening if we felt she wasn’t doing much or any better. Well, that was this morning. But […]

  • I made Namine throw up today

    It was not purposeful, believe me. Namine, as I’ve posted recently, has had a lot more secretions lately, and we weren’t sure why. She’s been on an antibiotic for roughly a week now, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Namine started to gag this evening during one of many suctionings (is that even a […]

  • Sick girls

    So we got back from the Aurora Urgent Care clinic around 6-ish. Jessica has been feeling unwell – that’s putting it mildly. She’s been feeling nauseous and occasionally, sometimes more than occasionally, throwing up. So we went to the Urgent Care clinic, and found that it’s most likely her gall bladder. The clinic doctor gave […]

  • I can has a photos

    Well, kids, I did it. I finished uploading all of Namine’s photos that we had hosted on Picasa. I suppose I better take down that Picasa logo over on the sidebar. They’re still there, of course. I’m not about to delete them, but from now on when I upload photos they’re coming straight here. If […]

  • Jaw distraction on Dec 1

    The post title says it all. As we said before, Namine’s jaw distraction would occur sometime last this year or early next year. But Jessica got a call today from Children’s Hospital that they would do Namine’s distraction on December 1 of this year. Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway), we’re […]

  • I was looking at the site stats

    And of course Namine’s picture page gets more page views than anything else. I’m actually in the midst of transferring all of Namine’s pictures (which are hosted on Picasa), totaling 706 until I unload the camera again, to this server. I have a new picture gallery in the works, and I’d prefer to keep everything […]

  • Visiting the plastic surgeon

    Today Jessica took Namine to see Dr. Denny, the plastic surgeon. After the results of the sleep study, CT scan, and bronchoscopy, he said that she’s a good candidate for having a jaw distraction. We know she’s doing well, but it’s still reassuring to hear a doctor say it. Namine will be scheduled for the […]

  • Sunday school and volleyball

    It’s been a full day. Kinda hard to believe that it’s already 4 in the pm, actually. The day flew by!

  • Bronchoscopy

    Today, kids, Namine had her bronchoscopy. According to Wikipedia (since everything on the Internet must be true), a bronchoscopy is “a technique of visualizing the inside of the airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.” Sounds good to me. The purpose of this, as it relates to The Feisty One, was to determine if she needs […]

  • Tests, naps, and road trips, oh my

    Welcome to our new virtual home on the interwebs, Since is the new family website, this’ll be home to more than just Namine’s blog, but not to worry! Just click on Namine’s name under the categories there on the right. Or just go to and you’re all set. I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday […]