Another delayed update

Well, kids, time for another update that should have happened over a week ago. Namine came home last week Monday, and she’s been doing great since. We’re still having the occasional low pressure alarms with the vent, but all things considered, I think we’re retaining our sanity quite nicely. Of course Namine is a joy to have, and she’s thrilled to be home. Physical therapy (which comes to our apartment to see Namine) is very pleased with her progress, and has encouraged us to massage her face, in order to strengthen her face muscles. Namine, of course, does not mind being massaged – she seems to enjoy it very much. Namine is getting stronger every day; I’ve uploaded a new […]


Hello All, Namine was home for a record of 16 days this time. Paul and I brought her in Wednesday night with a fever, loose stools and mega suctioning. They did a bunch of tests and pumped her full of fluids and she still had a slight fever. Yesterday the doctors put her on isolation and are keeping her there until they can figure out what is going on. Today when I came in I took her temp and it was 39.9C so for the rest of you that is 103.4F. Not good. They gave her some tylenol to see if that will help but she is just so uncomfortable that she won’t even look at me. I kissed her […]