Surgery Tuesday

Well, change of plans. Again. The doctors tell us that – for sure, now – Namine will be going for her heart surgery this Tuesday at 7:30 am. Jessica and I are none too happy about all the changes and about-faces that the hospital has done with Namine, but it looks like things are finally […]

No Surgery Thursday

I went to the hospital today after work, and asked to talk to the cardiology department. (Let me catch you up here, in case you don’t know.) They had said originally that Namine’s heart surgery needed to be as soon as possible, and they wanted to do it last Friday. But her heart surgeon was […]


Namine is scheduled for her heart surgery next Thursday.  They had her on the schedule for this Friday but her surgeon was going to be out of town over the weekend and he wasn’t comfortable with that so they moved her surgery.  It is going to be a scary one.  I know that the last […]