December 2008

  • Namine’s Exam

    Hello Everyone,Namine had her cath exam this morning/afternoon. She went down at 11 and didn’t come back until 2:30. She was supposed to go down at 10, but I have no idea why it was so late by the time they came and got her. Well enough with the jibber jabber. The cath doctor told […]

  • Rewind

    Namine is not home. She was supposed to come home last Friday but her heart rate was still high and she had a few destats. We talked with cardiology and the resident and they decided to keep her over the weekend for further observation. They also wanted to keep her until the cardiologists had time […]

  • Home!

    Today Namine comes home. She will have to go back in January for her second heart surgery which is earlier than they expected, but she is growing and doing what they wanted and now it is time. At least this visit will be planned. I am on my way to go bring Paul some lunch […]

  • The Best Christmas Gift!!!

    The Best Christmas Gift!!!

    Hello again from the hospital.

  • Echo Cardiogram

    I said that I would let you all know what the plan is for now.  They did her echo this afternoon and it came back inconclusive, because of the obstruction her lungs give to seeing her heart.  So the plan is to give her a shot of radiation so her blood glows under a special […]

  • Back Again:(

    Well folks,We had been home for almost a week and throughout the week Namine’s heart rate would jump to about 220 beats per minute. This happened a couple of times throughout the week, and we just brushed it off thinking it was our wonky pulse ox. On one other night her apnea monitor went off […]

  • Home again home again Jigidy jig:) Again:D

    Happy Holidays to you all!! Paul and I have been sort of out of it lately with getting new training and trying to figure out the nursing schedule and all of Namine’s changes, so we apologize for not keeping you in the loop. We brought Namine home on Monday of this week, and she is […]

  • Home on Monday

    Hello Family and Friends,We are going home on Monday December, 15. YAY!!!!! Paul and I have done our training on the vent/c-pap machine. We both get to spend the night at the hospital on Saturday :( The bed isn’t the most comfortable. Whatever we have to do to get her home, we don’t care. We […]

  • 4th Floor

    Hello all,Namine has finally moved to the 4th floor. We moved up yesterday. She is doing a world better than when we brought her in, but she still has a way to go. It is not her heart thank God, but it her lungs. The HME is causing to much stress when we have to […]