October 2008

  • Happy Halloween

    Hello Family and Friends,We just posted our little cutie in her Red Hot Chili Pepper costume. I hope you enjoy the cute pictures. Also the one with her ghosty sleeper on that says boo on her bottom. It is just adorable. Hopefully still next week. We are waiting on Nursing so if anyone can help […]

  • Home!!!!

    Yes, finally the end is in sight. We finally heard from cardiology on Sunday, and they told us that they were going to give her some blood to try and boost her oxygen levels that way. They could not get the IV in on Sunday so we had to wait until yesterday. They got the […]

  • D:

    Well, we are not going home on Tuesday after all. The doctors had planned on putting Namine on C-Pap (not a ventilator, but a high pressure air flow that would assist her breathing but would not breathe for her) on Monday, but never did. We happened to find this lovely bit of information out on […]

  • :(

    Well Paul and I have been sick so we haven’t been able to go to the hospital. We call everyday to find out how she has been doing and the nurse tells us that she is doing fine. We find out tomorrow if she will be coming home next week or not. We have to […]

  • Home in 2 Weeks

    Well it has been a long wait, but we are hopefully coming home in two weeks. We had a care conference with the docs today and they told us that they are not going to do surgery on the artery until she has her “glen” procedure. Which is a sigh of relief for all of […]

  • Maybe, Maybe Not

    The G-tube was a success, but we do not know when or if we will be able to come home.

  • G-Tube A Success

    The doctor came back to tell us that Namine’s G-tube operation was successful. The nurse told us beforehand that it would take an hour and a half, but I think it was a mere half hour, if that. They just came out again and told us that one of us could come back and see […]

  • G-tube Monday

    At least, tentatively. Namine is doing well with her feedings, but she’s still unable to meet the volume required for her age and size. Consequently, she needs a supplement in order for them to send her home. The NG tube in her nose has to come out, so that means one thing: G-tube. The plan […]