Hey everybody. Words cannot express my frustration – scratch that. Anger doesn’t even convey what we’re feeling.

Jessica and I arrived at the hospital at about 7:15 this morning (Mom and Grandma arrived at about 7:30), with promises of Namine going off to surgery at 8 am. That was actually changed to 7:45, tentatively; they didn’t have a room ready for her in the PICU, so the time she’d go off to surgery depended on that.

She still hadn’t been taken away at 9:30, when Jess and I had to leave for her bi-weekly VAC appointment. When we returned, you guessed it, she was still there.

So here I sit, typing this out at 7:03 – that’s in the evening, you understand – and Namine was just taken away to surgery. Understand that when I say we’re “upset,” that there is no word in the English (Mom tells me that’s supposed to be capitalized. Thanks.) language that can convey how upset we truly are.

Namine’s feeds were turned off at 2 am, in preparation for an 8 am-ish surgery (6 hours with nothing in her stomach). When they realized that she wouldn’t be taken to surgery until sometime in the afternoon or evening, they started her on a “Pedialyte” IV, something that gave her nutrients and kept her hydrated, but did nothing for her already-hungry tummy. (Keep in mind that she’s been kept on constant feeds, and I mean no interuptions, for the past 2 or 3 days.) Our normally happy and content baby, who doesn’t really cry for anything, has been crying for the better part of a day because she’s starving.
Yeah, I’m not happy with them.
So when Namine was taken to surgery, we were told that it’ll be a good hour, maybe hour and a half before she’s actually operated on. There’s the issue of her partially cleft palate, plus the soft spot in the back of her throat (from the erosion caused by the oxygen tube before her heart surgery). All of this basically means that getting her intubated may take a long time. We may not get to see her until after 9.

I think that’s all for now. I’ll update again sometime tonight after she’s all done.

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