Tracheostomy Complete

Wow, another update! This one bears better news, though. It was barely 8 pm when the doctor came by to tell us they were done. She said it was a “textbook operation,” that everything went smoothly. A few minutes later, they wheeled her by, so we were able to see her. She was awake and […]

Tracheostomy Pending

Hey everybody. Words cannot express my frustration – scratch that. Anger doesn’t even convey what we’re feeling. Jessica and I arrived at the hospital at about 7:15 this morning (Mom and Grandma arrived at about 7:30), with promises of Namine going off to surgery at 8 am. That was actually changed to 7:45, tentatively; they […]

New Layout

Well, doesn’t this look different. Let me know how you like it. I got sick of the Blogger stock template and rolled my own.If no one likes it, I’ll revert.We got a call from the doctors today; Namine will, for sure, be getting a tracheostomy tomorrow. I’m scared, but I will do whatever it takes […]

Long Overdue Update

Hi, everybody. I apologize for the total lack of updates (something I promised myself I wouldn’t let happen). Since Namine came out of the PICU and into one of the general hospital rooms, she seemed to be doing better. She’d been given some feeds by mouth, and the general feeling was that she would get […]

Buh-Bye, PICU

Wonderful news! Namine is out of the PICU! She’s now in a plain ole hospital room, once again with a roommate. She’s being given breast milk in a bottle now – not very often, but they’re starting her on it. So far, she’s doing wonderfully. She had 7 cc’s yesterday and 7 and a half […]

Apologies, and News

Sorry the site’s been lacking updates for a little while. We’ve been… busy. To say that Namine was extubated is an understatement. On Sunday night – well, Monday morning around 1:30 – I get a call from the doctor to tell me they were extubating her. I’m confused, I say. Why can’t you guys wait […]

Post-Surgery, Again

Be warned, I’ve written a book this evening. If you like text, feel free to plow on ahead. Hey, everybody. After being away from the computer for a couple days (but it feels much longer!), I have lotsa news of both my girls. First, Jessica is back home, after being in surgery yesterday and spending […]

Extubation Today

The last time I updated, I told you all how the doctors thought that Namine’s left diaphragm might be paralyzed. Well, they did a flouroscopy scan, which revealed that it is, in fact, paralyzed. To clarify, it’s not actually paralyzed, but it moves in the opposite direction. The doctors would actually prefer it not move […]


Hello Family and Friends,Just to update you on everything that has happened within the past couple of days with myself. The C-Section incision opened up and was infected once, opened up even more and just packed and left to heal. Paul and I were told that if there is a lot of bleeding and puss […]