Dance recital

After weeks and weeks of practice, it was finally time for Namine’s dance recital this weekend.

There were no cameras allowed at the recital, but I got a (slightly blurry) video during the dress rehearsal.

Namine had two recitals to perform in, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. She had a slight walker strap malfunction during her Saturday performance, but she recovered very nicely. Her physical therapist would have been very proud of the way she fixed the strap herself, standing one-handed, while continuing to dance. (Before Sunday’s performance, I double-checked the straps to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.)

During Namine’s Sunday performance, one of the dance instructors came up to me to say how much she loved seeing Namine dance. “Her smile just brightens up my day,” she told me. Since I was watching Namine, I already had the biggest grin on my face. I nodded in agreement. I didn’t trust myself to speak, because I get choked up whenever I watch Namine dance. And really, what more could I add?

Namine had an absolute blast participating in dance this year, and has repeatedly described this recital as being “the best recital ever.” She was nervous beforehand — she definitely wasn’t shy about letting us know — but, after all was said and done, she told me: “Once I got up there, I was too busy having fun dancing to be nervous. I forgot all about it!”

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