Getting taller

Jessica sent me some pictures of Namine in therapy yesterday. I was amazed at how tall Namine is getting.

Namine spends most of her time sitting. She loves to stand, climb, and walk, but her legs simply do not have the strength to support her by themselves. She has to hold on to something in order to stand with any stability, so the majority of the time you’ll find her seated — whether in a chair, her wheelchair, or on the floor.

Consequently, I forget how tall she really is. She is and will always be my little love, but she’s not so little anymore.

The interesting thing about Namine’s height is that it’s not used to measure her growth; for that, we use her arm span. Doctors have been telling us for years that her legs and feet wouldn’t grow, due to her having caudal regression syndrome.

Namine obviously never got that memo. Not only have her legs and feet grown, but her femurs (the thigh bones), once moon-shaped, have begun to straighten themselves out.

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