Namine is resting in her room in the PICU. She’s being kept overnight, because she is, after all, a heart patient above all else. The graft was successful, and her doctors are confident she’ll be able to go home tomorrow.

Namine’s two doctors involved with today’s procedure – ortho and plastics – had originally expected that she wouldn’t be allowed to start walking again for at least a couple more weeks, if not the duration of having the casts (at least three weeks). But they were surprised and pleased to find that Namine’s feet are healing better than expected, and consequently have given her permission to start standing (and walking and climbing) as soon as she finds herself able. That is tremendous news.

The graft itself is skin that was taken from Namine’s left thigh. The plastics doctor is confident it’ll heal nicely. Namine is fairly comfortable right now, which is remarkable because she’s not on any pain meds. She has morphine available if she needs it, but she either has no need of it at the moment, or she is simply dealing with the pain, as she does if left to her own devices.

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