At last, relief

Namine is out of surgery. She will be brought back up to the ICU soon, and she is doing well. The artery in her left foot has been grafted once more and is profusing nicely, and there has been no tissue loss.

A number of doctors have been by to talk to us: the doctor who first operated on Namine’s foot yesterday, the doctor who performed both artery grafts, and the special needs doctor. I believe the term for their outlook is cautiously optimistic, as Namine’s foot should be okay now, but we need to be sure.

The problem with the first graft (late last night/early this morning) was that a blood clot had formed. They’re not sure how, exactly; as a precaution, Namine is now on double the blood-thinners. The plan is to keep Namine on a slow drip of blood-thinners for four days, so she’ll be kept in the hospital for at least that long. They plan to keep her asleep for today, and let her regain consciousness tomorrow.

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  1. Iliana Avatar

    I’m glad it’s good news. I’m praying for her.

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