Sometimes Namine gives us reason to believe she’s colorbind. It’s hard to tell, though, because sometimes she likes to goof around and tell us the wrong color of things, just to be silly.

Sometimes when we’re working on colors with Namine, she’ll say the completely wrong answer because she can be a little prankster. For example, I’ll hold up a yellow sheep (she has this bucket full of little farm animals, in assorted vibrant colors) and ask her what color it is. Namine will say, “Blue!” and start giggling like a crazy person.

I have to veer off my topic a bit, here. As maddening as it can be – when she’s supposed to focus and concentrate on doing what she’s supposed to do, and instead she just goofs off – it does my heart good to see it, just the same. Where is the little girl we were promised such a long time ago? Where is the girl devoid of humor, the girl that dislikes hugs, kisses, or touches of any kind? Thankfully, she is nowhere to be found. In that child’s place, we have the person that Namine so wonderfully is: full of love, grace, kindness and good humor (and more than occasionally sillyness).

But I digress. After a few reminders (and possibly a threatened time-out, which are rarely sincere, but sometimes necessary to prompt some obedience) she’s back on track and telling the proper colors again. Most colors she has no problem discerning. Yellow and orange, even red and green, which give me the most trouble, usually seem to be obvious to her. But purple, purple seems to give her some trouble – sometimes, but not always.

I myself have red-green colorblindness, which is passed down from an affected father to his daughter. My grandpa has it, and he passed it to my mom (who is unaffected by it because it’s a recessive trait), who passed it to me. Jessica also carries the trait, so it is possible that Namine, through inheriting the recessive trait on both sides, could be affected.

Red-green colorblindness, contrary to what its name implies, affects more than the confusion between the colors red and green. Other color combinations that are affected – sometimes I have trouble distinguishing between yellow and orange, as well as blue and purple. On the other side of this coin, however, is the fact that I can still tell the difference between some hues of reds and greens (and other color combinations). I also seem to be affected to a lesser degree than my grandpa and brother, who have trouble with color comparisons that I do not.

If Namine is afflicted with good ol’ red-green, at least she’s not alone. She’ll have plenty of support (and a few more people who suck at playing Trouble) and encouragement.

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