Foot surgery today: post-op

Namine came out of surgery at 3:30, but of course spending time with her is more important. I’m heating up some dinner in the parents’ lounge now, so I should have enough time to give you all an update.

So Namine’s foot surgery is done. Unfortunately, Namine’s feet did not tolerate being completely rotated into the correct position, so they are currently about halfway from their old position to the position of a normal foot.

Namine’s ortho doc told us that there are normally two arteries in the foot – one on the top, and one on the inside. Namine’s right foot (which has always been the slightly better one) has one fairly decent artery, but the other is faint. Her left foot’s arteries are both extremely faint.

In the case of her club feet, the artery on the inside is shorter than it would be normally, because her feet are curved inward. So in moving her feet to a normal position, that artery needs to stretch. Her right foot tolerated a little more stretch than the left, but neither foot can provide decent circulation when put all the way into normal position.

Looking ahead, Namine’s feet will need to be casted in stages. Her feet will stay in her current casts for about two weeks. Then ortho will re-cast her feet, increasing the direction towards normalcy. I expect this will go on about a half dozen times, but it all depends on Namine’s healing and the tolerance of her skeletal structure.

Lastly, Namine is pissed. They only just allowed us to take the renal patches off her head and back, and that has relaxed her quite a bit. She was waking up every couple minutes and crying – although that’s not quite right; it was more like yelling, yelling at us, yelling at the nurses and doctors, yelling at every wretched human that dared put her through this misery.

Namine’s former stoma looks pretty good, although there is some extra blood that ENT is going to be watching closely. So far, it only seems to be draining when she cries.

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  1. Leah, Mike & alyssa Avatar
    Leah, Mike & alyssa

    Thanks for the update. We’ll be praying for her.

  2. Cindy Bonkowski Avatar
    Cindy Bonkowski

    Paul & Jess, thinking of and praying for all of you.

  3. I am thankful that Namine is doing well. She is still and always will be in my prayers! God bless you all!

  4. Poor Baby! But sounds as good as possible. Sending prayers for Namine’s healing.

  5. Poor little tike! I hope the pain isn’t too bad and that she will be home soon.

  6. she really is a trooper….i hope the very best for her..and that she heals quickly.

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